The 13th International and Specialized Equipment of oil, gas and petrochemical industry Exhibition+ HSE
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Start date : 2019/9/1

End date : 2019/9/1

Type of exhibition : International

Website :

Phone : 0098-71-32302211

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Forough-Afkar Management and Development Company


Venue: Fars International Exhibition

Address: shiraz

About oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition + HSE

The thirteenth international exhibition of oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, in order to boost the production, support and attract investment both domestic and foreign, as well as the use and transfer of technology, is one of the most significant and most extensive industrial, commercial, and economic events in the south of the country. The exhibition aims to provide the latest achievements and capabilities in the field of oil and gas industry with the presence of powerful domestic and foreign companies. While Iran is the second-largest oil-producing country in the world and Fars province has also played a significant role in oil and gas production.

The exhibition is a great opportunity for individuals and legal entities who are acting in this industry to be able to present their achievements and products to expose to the activist and industry specialists, furthermore by considering the trends of market demand and the direction of extension of this industry, Lead their future activities and innovations


Side Activity

• Conducting conferences, seminars, and workshops
• Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries Directors’ Panel
• Organize B2B meetings between exhibitors participating in the event
• Conducting B2B meetings between foreign business partners and contributors
• A special meeting between the commercial attaches and the business associate of the participants

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