Forough-Afkar management and development company with the goal of designing and implementing financial and economic managerial systems established in 2008. Now with a decade of experience and activities in the area of management and development of international trade, it is successful at holding specialized exhibitions in various fields. The expert group use their energy and knowledge to improve the quality of services. That's why Forough-Afkar Company has been able to provide services in the past years by:

 to the government organizations and private companies as one of the top regional and national companies and expand its activities in specialized fields, design and implement.

           •Development of human resources and recruitment of specialized and efficient personnel

           •Develop teamwork and teamwork culture and empathy

           •Planning and providing resources for the development of company activities

           •and alignment of knowledge and organizational insight according to the latest changes and technology to reduce risk and cost and increase the speed of service delivery, efficiency, quality, and profitability.

The Vision On the 1404

We are proud to promote our position as one of the top, acclaimed and influential companies in providing new products and services to customers and creating a sustainable and respected brand across the region and nationally.


The Mission

Our belief is that as a learning and knowledge-based organization, being the pioneer in creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation, while at the same time creating economic and social capital and playing a central role in providing new products and services with a powerful, expert, Committed and reliance on organizational values and take steps to satisfy customers and stakeholders and develop industry and improve quality.


Company's Field of Activities


Due to, its geographical location, numerous economic, historical, cultural, religious and natural attractions, Shiraz city has attracted many tourists and economic activists. This city is on the way of commercial routes inside Iran to southern ports like Bushehr and Bandar Abbas ports. Shiraz is the southern trade gateway of the country, which has a high level of statistical significance both in the field of production and industry and in the field of export and import, as well as in the markets of buying, selling and transactions.

succeed has resulted in holding the national and international specialist exhibition host in the southern part of the country, including the cities of Shiraz, Kerman, and the Kish and Qeshm Islands.

Forough Afark Co., as of date Cluster Development Industrial and organizer of the International Dates, has been able to introduce the trading, cultural and economic potential of the south of the country during the first period of the dates exhibition. The company is aiming for the second international dates exhibition to make the most successful trading event in the field of dates and products.

We can proudly say that we have been very successful in customer service and respecting the rights of our customers, and "the satisfaction of our customers" is the best resume of this company.

دیدگاه های ارسال شده توسط شما، پس از تایید مدیر سایت در وب سایت منتشر خواهد شد.
پیام هایی که حاوی تهمت یا افترا باشد منتشر نخواهد شد.
پیام هایی که به غیر از زبان فارسی یا غیر مرتبط با خبر باشد منتشر نخواهد شد.