The 2nd Qeshm Hotel Industry, Crafts & Tourism Exhibition

Start date : 31/12/2018

End date : 4/1/2019

Type of exhibition : National

Website :

Phone : 0098-71-32302211

Fax : 00987132302111


Forough Afkar Management & Development Company


Venue: Qeshm Tourism Exposition

Address: Qeshm, Iran

About Qeshm Tourism Exposition

Iran, with its many millennia-long historical backgrounds and unique climatic diversity, has made it one of the top 5 countries in history and one of the top 10 tourist attractions of the world. Each year, in all countries, an exhibition to promote the tourism industry holds to identify tourist potential and causes the tourism and hospitality industry as one of the most important or even the main source of revenue in those countries.

Exhibition of Qeshm tourism, hotel industry and travel services with a focus on tourism, Geotourism, Ecotourism, and crafts will create the opportunity for all organizations, unions, companies, and individuals that somehow related to this industry to be able to introduce and present their capabilities to the general public and to other relevant institutions and organizations. In general, fairs will cause the expansion of civilization and culture in addition to the dynamics of the economy. Many countries will use this method to introduce and expand their tourism potential. The importance of organizing a tourism fair is the creation of occupation and the capacity of tourists to enter the country.

The exhibition of Qeshm Island Tourism and Handicrafts with various governmental and private departments on Dec. 2018 allowed the various sectors of the industry to put up a presence next to each other not only to introduce the capabilities of their own but also, exchange of view to develop long-term goals. Indigenous tourism development will inevitably mean increasing production, productivity, and the creation of a sustainable occupation and the production of wealth for all important economic sectors.

It is also a familiarity with the innovations and capacities of the international arena and its ability to achieve international standards.

Side Activity

  • Ethic Music Festival
  • Iran ology Competition
  • Work Shop on Enamel
  • Seminar on Smart Hotel
  • Entrepreneurship in the field of crafts
  • Conference on New Thoughts in Tourism Industry

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1 Delivery of a simple custom rectangular table 70 * 70, every 16 meters (Free of charge)
2 Two simple custom chairs for the exhibition, every 16 meters (Free of charge)
3 One parking card for each booth, every 16 meters (Free of charge)
4 Covering the entire exhibition space under fire insurance (Free of charge)
5 Separation of booths by wall & panel or partition according to the custom of the exhibition (Free of charge)
6 Assigning masks & hand sanitizers to people in the booth (Free of charge)
7 Conventional electricity supply of the hall, cooling & heating system in public & free of charge
8 Providing specialized advice & training to participants & staff present at the booth (Free of charge)
9 Book plane, train & bus tickets (Person in charge: Ms. Rajabi, Cell: 00989013893720)
10 Hotel & accommodation reservation (Person in charge: Ms. Niroomand, Cell: 00989173093241)
11 Providing a car with & without a driver (Person in charge: Ms. Niroomand, Cell: 00989173093241)
12 Providing exhibitors, hosts & translators (Person in charge: Ms. Niroomand, Cell: 00989173093241)
13 Catering & formalities for guests (Person in charge: Ms. Niroomand, Cell: 00989173093241)
14 Design & booth construction (Person in charge: Ms. Niroomand, Cell: 00989173093241)
15 Equipment inside the booth (TV, table, chair, showcase, water cooler, tea maker, etc.), (Person in charge: Ms. Niroomand, Cell: 00989173093241)
16 Photography & documentation as a publication (Person in charge: Ms. Niroomand, Cell: 00989173093241)
17 Documentation in the form of filming & making a teaser (Person in charge: Ms. Niroomand, Cell: 00989173093241)
18 Making a virtual tour (Person in charge: Ms. Niroomand, Cell: 00989173093241)