The 1st International Date & Related Industry- DATEX 2018

Start date : 12/2/2019

End date : 16/2/2019

Type of exhibition : International

Website :

Phone : 0098-71-32302211

Fax : 00987132302111


Forough Afkar Management & Development Company


Venue: Shiraz International Exhibition Complex

Address: Shiraz, Iran

About The Exhibition

 Exhibition participating see as a key mechanism for policymakers in developing and developed countries to facilitate the process of sustainable development and gain a competitive advantage. These are exhibitions that represent the final achievements of industry and boost the industry's economy. In this regard, a special exhibition of date with the presence of domestic and foreign activists will be held to identify and assess the achievements and presents existing capabilities, as well as explore the opportunities and challenges to introduce the capacities of this field. This exhibition is organized with the focus of the production of dates (production, processing, packing, and training) and the protection of domestic industries in an appropriate atmosphere while Iran is one of the world's leading producer of dates in the world.

The exhibition will have special programs aimed at gaining the benefits of market opportunities and solving common obstacles through mutual efforts in the exhibition space.

The achievement of this goal requires the presence of a large number of government-related sectors and internal and external private sectors. It can take a firm step towards the globalization of Iran and entry into the global market for wealth creation.

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