The 3rd International Exhibition of Dates & Related Industries
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دسته بندی : عمومی
تاریخ درج خبر : 1399/5/19

In Iran, 1 million tons of dates are produced annually, most of which are consumed domestically during Ramadan. In terms of date production, the southern region of Kerman province with the production of 181,800 tons of dates has the highest production in the country.
Other regions of Kerman Province also have a production of 117,600 tons. After Kerman Province, Sistan and Baluchestan Province with a production of 178,199 tons has the second rank of date production in the country, then Khuzestan Province with 144,000 tons, respectively. Bushehr Province with 142 thousand tons, Fars Province with 138 thousand tons, Hormozgan Province with 125 thousand tons are in the next categories of date production in the country.10 percent of Iran's Dates is allocated to exports to other countries, 50 percent goes to domestic consumption, and 40 percent is wasted at various stages of harvest.


دیدگاه های ارسال شده توسط شما، پس از تایید مدیر سایت در وب سایت منتشر خواهد شد.
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