Permanent place of Fars International Exhibition
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Start date : 2020/2/1

End date : 2020/2/1

Type of exhibition : National

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Phone : 07132302211

Fax : 071-32302111




Venue: Shiraz

Address: Shiraz

About the 9thInternational Industry Exhibition

Stone, Mine &Machines Exhibition

Road Construction Machinery, Mine &Civil International Exhibition

Supporting internal production can cause economic stability, internal industries prosperity, occupation stability, supplying industry's fundamental needs and finally economic efflorescence.

One of the main goals of this exhibition is to identify andintroduce capacities and capabilities in the field of industry, stone and related machinery and suitable relationship between Fars province's indigenous industries and other provinces and countries.Of new advantages of investment and stable industrial expanding and creating occupation are investment in nonmetallic and mineral industries and mine. This exhibition includes various parts of industry, stone, mine and related fields of machinery and related equipment of road construction, mine and civil by presenting last achievements and improvements and necessity of empowering internal companies.Industry, stone, mine and machinery exhibition is a very pleasure chance that active real and legal persons in industries can present their achievement and products for active and skilled persons in internal industries and direct their future activities and innovation by considering bazaar demand and direction toward the industries' growth.


Side Programs

Holding seminars and training workshops

Holding skilled meeting with commercial counselor

Holding B2B meetings between present contributors in exhibition

Holding B2B meetings between commercial committee with contributors


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